World Martial Arts Ranking Association


Grand Master J Pat.Burleson the first National Karate Champion in the United States and father to the Blood and Guts era of sport Karate heads up this prestigious group of American pioneers of  Sport Karate.

This is by far the most important document you have and it should be endorsed by the best Martial artist you believe in .There is no where such a group like this ,these are the men who lived Sport Karate and gave it to us.

After a back ground check and your present certificate certified and all forms filled out, your new endorsement by some of the greatest martial artist of the twentieth century could be over your mantle or studio office.

Don’t delay contact Grand Master Burleson  and he will start your process.

The Museum of  Sport Karate is proud to endorsed   the World Martial Arts Ranking Association

About the Honorary Directors

History records sixteen century sensei Minamoto Musashi, without formal school or system rank credentials, made an unparalleled impact, both skill and philosophically, on the martial arts evolution. Also in more recent history, Gichin Funakoshi in the 1930’s imported to Japan an Okinawian method of martial arts. He changed and developed what is now one of the largest martial arts systems in the world, Shoto-Kan Karate.

What do you have in common with these Honorary Directors?

The life you have given and now are giving to the Martial Arts, history will also record. In you own time you and your ideas have indelibly contributed , cause and effect.

History records as it wishes, sometimes factual, sometimes not. Let our existing great martial art pioneers make a statement of relationship as an example to follow.

Your obligation to the association is none. It is an honorary position that can be terminated at any time.

The association is a “round table”. No president or officers. You may use the association credentials with your own movement or association or not. It is an individual choice.

The basic statement you are making is simply this: I accept the tribute to my peers are paying to my rank, status and pioneer part in modern day martial art evolution. I recognized the accomplishments and rank credentials and the authority of others listed as heads of styles and systems. For all to be free and independent with power to create forms, methods, testing requirements. To award rank

Where it all started for some of our pioneers

Who knew?

Al Gene, Ed, JPat, and Allen Great Sport Karate Stars

F our History Generals for the Museum

The great Ed Parker

Executive Director
J. Pat Burleson
Honorary Directors
06 Remember
Allen Steen
American Karate
Steve Armstrong
American Okinawa – Isshin Ryu – Judo
Edmond Parker
Father of American Kenpo
Jim Harrison
Karate – Judo – Aiki Jutsu – Kickboxing
Jhoon Goo Rhee
Father of American Tae Kwon Do
Gene LeBell
Boxing – Wrestling – Karate – Judo
Robert Trias
Father of American Martial Art
Bob Wall
Okinawan Martial Arts – Tang Soo Do – Ju Jutsu
Bill Wallace
Karate – Boxing – Kickboxing
Dr. Maung Gyi
Bando – Burma Arts