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From these houses will cover their families relating to their involvement in sport martial arts.

The memory of our past sport martial arts leaders are priceless and we are  going to build a home for their memories, Imagine a bust of the past leader in bronze or silver detailed to his authentic look and style. Click on a button A hologram will appear maybe a lady of fame or maybe just a spoke person. They start talking, going in detail who, what, when and where this person is famous for his legacy men like, MAS OYAMA, DON NAGLES, ROBERT TRIAS, ED PARKER, KEN EUBANKS, MOSES POWELL, PAT MORTIA, GLEN RABAGO, MR. VISATACION, PETER URBAN, JOHN KUHL, AL WEISS, STUART QUAN and any others we have lost who gave their life to sport martial arts. A special section for the children we have lost, to keep their sport martial art memory alive also Using the founding members first and then the living legends we will create the streets of adventure laid out such as Chuck Norris Ave. runs into Bill Wallace circle then crossing Mike Stone Blvd. making it into a maze and community within the website.

A history of sport martial arts in photographs and video and special relics of the past sign diplomas of famous sport karate heroes and legendary belts, papers and documents never seen before to the public and can only be seen here!

In closing I know this is a major project and it will take a team of devoted martial artist and experts to make this happen.

We must build this project for the respect of the past and the teaching of the presence and the building of the future.

Thank you for your passion to keep me motivated

Professor  Gary Lee

Director of Texas,

Tales of the Old Sensei

Kabuki Warriors Tales,