Remembering the Pioneers and American Legends of Karate 

In Memory

   We have lost many ,however they will never be forgotten   
Kenny Knudson. Pioneer

Stuart Qwan, Actor , Pioneer

Michael DePasquale Sr. Pioneer

Ken Eubanks, Sport Karate Legend

D P. Hill Texas Legend

Mako, movie star and teacher of the stars
 Glenn Kwan , Canada 
Vernon Johnson, A legend in sport karate
Lilly Urquidez Rodriquez,One of the legends in Sort Karate
Aaron Banks , A Legend in sport karate
Ki Whang Kim Teacher of Many sport karate stars of 60,s and 70’s
Dr.Sang Kee Paik Great Tae Kwon Do Master
Asa Gordon, Boxing coach of the stars
Andrew Tamper, Ohio, Kempo Master, Judo, Sensei
Johnathon Vance, Hawaii Legend
Don Nagle, New Jersey, Legend Pioneer, Karate
Ridgely Abele,Columbia SC, Pioneer,Karate
These are the Legends who we have lost ,even though they are gone we will never forget their contribution to Sport Karate and the path they paved for all of us .

These warriors open doors for all ,whether you were a traditional martial artist or a MMA person or a Sport Karate Warrior.
We will miss your smile and your attitude in American Sport Karate.
Rest in Peace, brothers and sisters.

Bill Ryusaki, Hawaiian Legend ,History General , California 

Johnny Holbrook , North Carolina 

Albert Church ,legendary leader  South Carolina 

Ronnie Barkoot , Columbia South Carolina 

 Ming Lum ,Legendary Kung Fu Instructor  California 

Sergio Cabrales, Pioneer , Mexico  

Ralph Algeria ,Legendary Fighter  California 

Louis Delgado, Legendary Fighter Pioneer, New York

Percy Mungu , Houston Pioneer, Houston , Texas 

Dr. Sang Kee Paik, Master Instructor

Rob Hogan , Karate fighter , Ohio 

Kim Kahana Jr. Stuntman , Florida 

Mako , Sensei , Movie Star, California

Lilly Urquidez-Rodriguez, Pioneer , California

Gary Basinger , Kyokushin Legend ,North Carolina 

Satch Williams , Fighting Legend California 

Keiko Fukada,Judo legend ,10th Degree Black Belt , California

John Townsley ,Pioneer in USKA ,  Illinois 

Michael DePasquale Sr., Pioneer, New Jersey

Ken Eubanks , Sport Karate Legend Tennessee 

Al Weiss, Official Karate Editor, New Jersey 

Peter Urban , Goju Master ,First 10th Dan in America

Sid Campbell, Shorin -Ryu Master, Pioneer ,SENSEI, California

Ronald Duncan , Pioneer and legend , New York

Jay T.Will , Legendary Fighter and Center Referee  ,Ohio 

Howard Jackson ,World Champion, California

Robert Halliburton ,Shotokan Master,pioneer, California

Bob Burbridge,Top Rated Player, California

Ken Knudson , Pioneer, Black Belt Hall of Fame, Illinois

Mas Oyama, Founder of Kyokushin Karate, Japan

Robert Trias , Founder of The U S K A, Arizona

Steve Armstrong, Master Isshinryu, Washington

Moses Powell, Jujitsu Master, New Jersey

Ed Parker, Founder of American Kenpo, California

Johnny Kuhl, Founder of Combat Karate, New York

Chuck Loven , Great Texan Legend, Texas

Tom Benich, Top Ten Fighter, Ohio

Tom Letuli, Producer of LAMA Nationals, Illinois

Freddie Letuli, Top Ten Fighter, Illinois

Ralph Krause , Inventor of Gear Denver Colorado

Jim B. Harkins,  Legendary Fighter, Denver Colorado

Jenice Miller, Legendary Sport Karate Fighter, Louisiana

Inside Kung Fu Magazine , California 

Karate Illustrated Magazine ,the Ratings ,California 

Official Karate Magazine , Midwest of America 

Curtis Herrington , Producer of Top Ten Nationals, Ohio

Ken Eubanks, Producer of Bluegrass Nationals, Tennessee

Ruben Urquidez , Judo , Karate , legend , California 

Tyler Kirby, Legend “Coonass” fighter, Louisiana

Richard Jackson, Pioneer full-contact karate fighter, Georgia

George Iverson, Hawaii , trainer of Champions

Ernie “Radar” Smith, Top Ten Fighter, Louisiana

Harold Long, Pioneer Okinawan Karate, Tennessee

George Anderson, Legendary leader, U S A F, Ohio

Ronnie Cox, Texas Legend, Texas

Demetrious “The Golden Greek ” Havanas, World Champion ,Pioneer, Texas

Glen Rabago, Legendary Hawaiian Fighter, Oklahoma

Gerald Giles , Battle of Atlanta Champion , Mississippi 

Walt Bone, Texas Sport Karate Fighter, Florida

Ernie Leib, Founder of American Karate Association, Illinois

Frank Ruiz, Pioneer Goju Karate, New Jersey

Jamal Hussan , Texas Youth Legend, Texas

Drew Christian, Pioneer Sport Karate Fighter, California

David Bergeron, Texas Pioneer, Texas

Larry Caster, Denton , Legendary coach, Texas

Tu’umamao “Tino” Tuiolosega – Lima Lama, California

Frank Smith , Shotokan Legend 

IIssac Henry Sr., Master teacher New York

Bob Potter, Texas Legend, Texas

Rick Vaughn, Texas Legend, Texas

William Oliver, Seido Karate, Kyokushin legend, New York

Tm Vought , Master Teacher , Policeman , Dallas Texas 

Steve Marz, Six Flags performer, professional stunt man, Black Belt, Texas

Richard Dixon, Texas Legendary Fighter, Texas

Ming Lum, Gung Fu Legend and Historian, California

Wally Jay, Founder Small circle Jit jitsu, Hawaii

Ric Pascetta, Japanese Goju Legend, New Jersey

John “Sugar Bear “Parrish, Sport Karate Legend, Ohio

Joe Lewis, World Champion, North Carolina

Parker Shelton, USKA Karate Legend, Illinois

Dr. Lawrence Day, Black Dragon Fighting Society, Florida

Dr. Samuel Lone Wolf, Native American Grand Master,Sensei, Texas

Micky Fisher, Pioneer ,Karate Champion, Texas/ Oklahoma

Sifu Victor Cheng, Legend Kung -Fu Instructor, Texas

Rommel Paul , Lendary Texas fighter Houston , Texas

Karl Geis , Sensei , Coach of the 1974 Olympic Judo Team 

Michael Enchantis ,Special Forces , California 

David Dobbs,  PKC leader and tournament producer, Texas

Pierre Bergere,  legendary Karate instructor and teacher of champions, California

James Patrick Lacy, Kung Fu Master / Writer , California

Kevin Rosier, Fighter ,New York

Marty Manuel, Pioneer ,Martial Arts Master, Goju, New Jersey

Harvey Hastings, Writer , Pioneer , Florida

Steve Fisher, Sport Karate Champion , California

Jacquet Bazemore, Sport Karate Kickboxing Champion, Pennsylvania

Andy Horne , Sport Karate Legend , Florida

Larry Kelly , Top Ten Fighter , History General , Massachusetts

Richard Dixon , Texas Legend , Texas 

Billy Brammer , Texas Pioneer and Legendary Instructor, Texas

Nancy Cerio , Master Kenpo Instructor , History General , Rhode Island

Bill McDonald , History General , North Carolina

Rooster Machen, Texas Legend, History General, Austin, Texas

Roger Carpenter , Pioneer and History General , Kansas City , Kansas 

Roger Greene Pioneer and Original History General , Tulsa Oklahoma

Jhoon Rhee Pioneer and Original History General , Washington D.C 

Ralph Jaschke Pioneer and Original History General , Victoria Texas