The Hakama Lady inc.

Susan Andrade is the best at what she does and what she does is make Hakama’s, in fact she is called the Hakama Lady though out the United States and is getting World exposure, she now has clients from  Japan, Mexico, Canada and parts of Europe.

I believe for your Martial Arts attitude to be a Champion in This Sport , The Hakama Lady and her designs are a big part of my career.

She has been my personal designer for ten years and has helped my career with her vision of  Samurai fashion. I simply believe she is the best at what she does.

Professor Gary Lee

Museum of Sport Karate Historian and Founder

The Hakama Lady, Inc.

Martial Arts and Street Apparel and Accessories

The Hakama Lady, Inc. is a US corporation offering custom made Hakama, yukata, kimono, hapi coats, unique gis, weapons bags and much more for martial arts practitioners and competitors as well as animee buffs and those desiring to wear Japanese or Chinese inspired clothing.

All our apparel is uniquely made to your specifications.  We are headquartered in Acworth GA, we have dressed thousands of clients all over the world and we deliver a custom made, quality product.  All products are made in the USA by a network of independent sewing contractors.  All products are individually made to order.

Our products are worn by competitors and non-competitors world wide, including many champions in the sports martial arts from circuits such as NASKA and NBL.

Please feel free to explore our site and contact us with any questions or product information.

Contact Us
The Hakama Lady, Inc.
302 Park Bridge
Acworth , GA  30101
(774) 201-9340


Our on-line store is open!

Contact Susan Andrade  at 774-201-9340 for a Martial Arts  fashion experience !!

Here is a Portrait of Professor Gary Lee wearing one of The Hakama Lady’s personal designs in battle