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The Ambassadors

Jim Mcingvale
Gallery Furniture
Shawn Flanagan Creative Consultant
Shireesh Bhatnagar Business Consulant & founder
Bear Loebe’s Sport Karate America
National Black Belt League World Champion
Jamie Cashion lll
 Texas Ambassador of Karate, Masters Hall of Fame
Twain Marx Kennedy Pioneer, Point Fighter, Stealth Warrior, Consultant
Dana Stamos
CEO and founder of, Editor
Bill Wilkinson Stealth Warrior, Big Game Hunter, Pioneer, Special Ops
Richard M.Morris
Fort Worth Police,retired,  Grand Master
Anthony Hockley
 Australian Representative, Master of Kempo 
Lee Barbeito CEO ,Mantires Corp, Stealth Warrior, Visionary, Oil Industry
John Gallio First Living Legend Sponsor, Oil Industry, Sponsor of GOP National Karate Team,Black Belt , Investor , Business Owner

Toudijutsu of  Shuri

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The Roastinfg of Bob Wall

The Roasting of Bob Wall

Here are the representative’s, the leaders and consultant’s of the foundation and incredible  journey of  National Sport Karate Museum Archives.
With out their help and support of the vision of this project ,we would not be where were at today ,closer to the dream.
If you have a museum item between 1946 to 1999 that’s deals with sport karate or would like to make a donation please contact or send to
Mobile 713 -483 – 0476

Thank you

Here are the  the Ambassadors and consultants  of the foundation of National Sport Karate Museum

“These are the Stealth Warriors”

Tim Garcia, Extreme Bed liners of Pearland, Texas
David Fiscus Computer Scientist
Bill Long, Boots and Coots,Texas
Dave Hudspeth, Oil Man, Texas
David Daniel son, DD Precision, Texas

James Brown , Black Belt ,Lone Star Insurance agency

Michael Dillard ,Century Martial Arts Supply, Oklahoma

Karl Marx**,10th Dan,Grand Master Karate, Hawaii

Roger Bornstein, Space Center Houston, Texas

Mark Crawford, Black Belt , Executive Fireman

Peter Urban** ,10 th Dan , Nesei Goju, New Jersey
Doug Renfrow, Oil man, Texas

Mike Clark , Collectors Firearms, Texas

Mike Mashiro, Bodyguard, California

Al Weiss**, Official Karate Magazine, New York
Duke Design, Designer, California
Enterprise Rent a Car

Danny Lane , Master Black Belt ,private Investigation

John Morris, World Champion Jiu- Jitsu

Jenny Pless, Tae Kwon Do Master

Bob Logan , Six Flags Corporation, Texas
Angela Connolly , Real Estate
Alvin”Goldie” Mack, Black Belt Player, California

Daniel Hect, CEO Masters Hall of Fame, California

Mako**, movie consultant,Teacher, California
Coach Pete McAbee, legendary Coach, mentor, South Carolina
Victor Cheng**, Grand Master Kung – Fu, Texas
Drew Arthur, Law Enforcement, Texas

Out Law Dave, National Spokesman,  95.0 Radio, Texas

Rob Raney, Official Photographer of Museum, California

Robert Parhnam, Publisher, MHOF Magazine, California

Sherman Smith Jr, retired Black Belt, Texas

Lieutenant Commander Troy Frazee, United  States Navy, Pennsylvania

Bill Ramsey**, Fulshear Family Karate, Texas

Charles L. Gray, Artist, Pennsylvania

Ghassan Maghames, Lebanon Representative

Master Johnny Hunter , Karate Instructor

Scott Knudson** , Chicago Illinois

Randy Drewy, Businessman, Bass Fisherman

Mr.Jimmy Anderson, Professional Maxi miser,Friend, California

Master Alfred Torella, President, US Italian Martial Art Alliance, Michigan

Michael “Chase” Corley, retired Muay Thai Champion

Barry A.Broughton, Founder AKT Combatives, New York

Dr. Kamrun Jenabzadeh, General and Trauma Surgeon, Black Belt , Minnesota

Shihan Art East, Creative artist and designer , West Virginia

Denver Marine, Denver North Carolina 

Ranger Boats , Flippin Arkansas

Classic Chevrolet, Sugar Land, Texas

Hilton Southwest, Houston, Texas

Gulf Coast Karate Association, James Clark, Chris Yaeger, Vincent Holmes

A double star and pioneer has pass** In loving memory