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  • Professor Gary Lee

    Real Karate Dreams

    You are in the deep forest in the middle of nowhere, silent as a forest can be, you can hear every sound around you, every step is a new sound and in a distant,,, you hear a new sound
    You hear a consistent sound over and over again,
    It is mesmerizing because it had been silent in your dream.

    A big “THUG”, the sound it is constant, “THUG, THUG, THUG, THUG, THUG ” over and over again,,,,,
    You follow the sound through the deep woods underbrush, though the stickers, briars until an opening in the wooded area
    You see a train track
    You follow it until you see one large locomotive sitting on the track, by itself,, as you walk slowly around the huge steel piece of machinery
    The THUG sound now is getting louder and louder, stronger and stronger,, now you hear a grunt with every THUG, GRUNT, THUG, GRUNT, THUG, GRUNT, THUG, GRUNT THUG,
    You walk to the front and a small 5’5 Japanese man in a white uniform and Black Belt, drenched in sweat and hands bleeding standing in low Hicibi-Dachi horse stance hitting the front of the locomotive with low hard reverse punches and hitting with his Seiken (forefist) front second knuckle)”
    Then you witness,,,, THUG, E-Yaaaaaaa THUG, GRUNT THUG, E-Yaaaaaaaa, THUG, GRUNT, THUG, K-Yaaaaaa, THUG, GRUNT, THUG over and over and over again and again.and again

    These are the dreams of “The Karate Whisperer”

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  • Professor Gary Lee

    The AMAA Masters and Pioneers Radio Network
    “Parts Unknown” with Professor Gary Lee and the Sport Karate Museum
    Special Guest Master Dona Pettway and his KICKSTART adventure for eleven years
    He came from the street and Karate changed his life

    Jam All Nationals Karate Tournament
    $1000 grand championship for all GRAND Champion for Traditional KATA and Fighting
    BUBBLE KUMITE for Kids

    A Garett Lee Karate Story
    The Memory of Rommel Paul Karate Master R.I.P
    From My Space to Facebook to Black Belt TV
    How I met Mr. Chuck Norris at the first UFAF Tournament

    Kicking with the Wolverine with Dean Pyles
    Tonight’s Subject Team Competition,,, in and outs of being on a Karate Team
    BIG SHOU OUT to J.Pat Burleson to get better

    All the news, controversy subjects, and rumors,,, lol
    Take a break, get a cup of coffee and enjoy, osu

  • professor Gary Lee

    The young and uneducated 😞😔😟Martial Artist still don’t get it

    Memoirs of an American Samurai
    This story saddens my attitude but I would have done the same exact same thing twenty, thirty years ago because all Karate is still very serious to me, i
    It is not played, it is not a game and it is not a sport.

    Only 1% of Karate-Do is Sport,
    Please, when are the public and social media going to realize that today, this moment in 2019 my Karate-Do has turned into a platform for egomaniacs and certain things to these people in Karate that they are playing doesn’t matter anymore.
    The Bushido Code has disappeared

    I simply disagree, it does matter,, what you wear, uniform Belt and or patches, they become part of the uniform and you and the representation Osu

    In the early seventies, I trained at the Manhatten Kyokushin Dojo with Tadashi Nakamura, William Oliver, Bill Opel, Oyama Sensei (Sensei Matsu Oyama Son).
    I trained to Brown Belt level, never made Black Kyokushin
    I did not wear my Black Belt in Class for those two years.

    I fell in love with Kyokushin, it was the hardest workouts and intense training that I thrived on and when Nakamura Sensei gave me the two Kyokushin Patches that I could not buy anywhere, I was proud.
    I may not be the best at Karate-Do, however, if you wore the Kyokushin patch over your heart, left side you were authentic.

    So here I am .fifty years later at the TKO Nationals in Galveston Texas last year and I see this young man wearing a black uniform, black belt, and a Kyokushin Blue patch upside down on his sleeve and a black one on his chest which was upside down also.
    The “Old Gary Lee kicks in and I walk up to him and asked “Who is your instructor, please, he kinda smarted off and said “Why who wants to know?
    He pointed to an African American gentleman who also was wearing a black uniform and no Patches except for one nunchuck patch.
    The first thing I noticed as he had seven stripes on his belt it was a red Hanshi belt and it had Korean Kanji on the belt.

    I didn’t care about his fantasy, however, I did care about the disrespect that his student was showing wearing those patches and being upside down on his uniform.
    I called the young man over and in front of his instructor, I said this comment. very calm, slow and very serious
    It is disrespectful to wear that patch in front of me and it is upside down,
    I am offended and you must take it off or I will”

    Then I ask the instructor if he trained in Kyokushin and he said No!!!, in an angry voice so I asked him politely as I thought I could to remove the patch from his students uniform and he did,
    No Questions, I guess he knew by my tone in my voice I had a calm upset attitude about the patches
    I took my knife and cut up the patches in little pieces and threw them in the trash.
    I turned around to the instructor and asked him why does he have a Hanshi Red Belt on with Korean Kanji written on it and then I walked away.
    Later that day at the tournament the young man came up to me and apologized and said he had gone to webpages I gave him to let him understand how serious Karate is to some people.
    I was not being a bully or a pest, I was just protecting my Karate-Do.
    He then told me, he had bought them online because he thought they were cool looking.,he apologized again and then walked away.

    Protecting the History, One Warrior at a Time

  • GM Lee, l will be forwarding you the complete h historical exhibit of the United States Air Force Security Force Strategic Air Command Escape and Evasion Martial Arts Survival Program for AIR Force A uhh trees Nd Air Base Defense Ground Force Security Forces. It will be mailed to you on Flash Drive within the next several weeks. Very truly yours, Senior Granmaster Robinson, Found eff and Director, International Armed Services Judo and Jujitsu Academy.

  • Will followup on email. VTY and Aloha Nui Loa. SGM Robinson.

  • I think you can find more information here.

  • Michael Wiltfong

    Please take my name off print. Do not wabt anything to be under Michael Wiltfong or “Wiltfong” on internet. Please remove asap.


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