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The Great Samurai Yoshshitune

A Statement from a History General and an Undefeated World Karate Champion

Aloha Gary,

I commend you on your exceptional efforts to make your dreams come true. Many people have talked of a museum as you envision it but few if any have taken the positive action to make it happen. I wish for you what you wish for all martial artist, a place to reflect and remember our roots and heritage for it is extremely important now more so than ever. I know you will experience much success and happiness and feel great about yourself and what you are doing for all martial artist regardless of system or style. We are
all one no matter what our personal preferences in applying our art. I personally want to thank you and what you to know that you have my support in making your dream come true.

With great respect and Aloha,

Mike Stone
Undefeated World Karate Champion


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